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The Value Of A Water Softener

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In the fall, after lots of research and discussion, my husband and I decided to make the leap and have a water softener system installed in our home, and three months later, we are SO glad we did!  We’d heard many positive reasons to use a water softner and reverse osmosis system in our home and have been extremely surprised and pleased at all the added perks we’ve found since the installation back in the fall.

All water has a certain amount of mineral in it and we believed the water in our municipality was low in mineral.   I say ‘bellieved’ only because we really had nothing to compare the water softness/hardness to as my husband has only ever lived in Wasaga Beach.  We certainly did notice the ugly scaling in our iron, kettles would have to be replaced every couple of years, the etching on our glass shower doors, dingy dishwasher … just to name a few appliances.  Would a water softener make a difference?!

Well, I am excited to report this device has made a huge difference in our appliances, our clothes and even our own bodies and hair.  Let me give you some examples after installing the system:

1) Our laundry now only needs abut 1/2 the amount of detergent to get the clothes clean, they rinse much cleaner and there does not seem to be the same amount of fading. An example of that … a new pair of black jeans which now have been laundered 6 times, are still nice and black …. like new!

2)  All the scale is GONE on the appliances …. completely gone!!! The inside of our 17 year old dishwasher looks brand new, the iron works like new with no more indiscrimately spitting out brown mineral water on our clothes, the washer residue has desolved away and the machine looks like it is new …. incredible.

3)  My plants are looking healthier and greener.  An interesting example … I had a bouquet of cut flowers given to me over the holildays and using the reverse-osmosis water at our kitchen sink, those flowers still looked fresh after 3 weeks on my table.  I was totally amazed!!

You can either rent or buy water softening, and reverse osmosis system(s) right here in the Beach or Collingwood and they are really not as expensive as I thought.  The whole thing was efficiently installed in our home in a couple of hours … no muss or fuss and it was a very small learning curve to understand how to operate the system.  You do need to top up the salt bin a couple times a year; a very easy task (price might be around $100 a year!) and they will actually come out and do that for you, if you want.

In my research, I found a very informative site on everything to do with water softeners …. reasons to use one, maintenance, pricing …. just click here for more info.

We were so sold on this system that in the past month, both my mother-in-law and my brother-in-law have installed them in their homes and are loving them too!  If you are interested in this system, please just email me and I’ll send along the name and contact info of the company we and our family used (

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Linda Campbell
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