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Shedding Light in the Darkness

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Although our beautiful area on the Georgian Bay can be a very peaceful and calm place, it can also be a frigid, windy snowmagedon!  As the calendar turned to 2018, we’ve found ourselves in the throws of full-on-winter with frigid temperatures and LOTS of snow, so one must think about the possibility of losing power.  Safety is paramount and a little planning can be your ray of light in the cold darkness.

Our power grid with Wasaga Distribution Inc. is pretty darn good with typically only the occasional power bump or very short power losses.  But are we prepared in our homes if a loss of power drags on for an extended period of time?  Typically if there is a big storm approaching, the media lets us know many days before it actually hits, usually giving us ample time to prepare.   Below are some valuable tips that will help you and your family cope if the lights go out.

  1. Each home should have an emergency kit which contains a flashlight, energy bars, bottled water as well as basic first aid supplies.
  2. Make sure that you have flashlights ready (preferable LED) with fresh batteries also available.  This also includes having a backup battery pack for your smartphone and/or computer.  Candles are NOT a good idea as they pose a fire hazard.
  3. Keep a battery operated radio on hand so you can stay abreast of local storm conditions, highways and any wide spread issues
  4. Purchase a 120 volt backup power supply for essential electronics or a small solar power blanket (about $30 at the hardware store)
  5. Keep your refrigerator and freezer closed to help keep your food from spoiling
  6. Remember that items like your power garage door will not work.  Be sure you know how to open it manually.
  7. Check on your neighbors; especially the elderly who are on their own
  8. If there is a medical apparatus that you must constantly use, preplan your power/energy supply, in case of emergency
  9. DO  NOT   use a bar-b-que  indoors or as a heat source.  Certainly having one available outdoors to cook on is a great idea!!!

In my research, I found a lot of informative and helpful ‘emergency’ information on the Homeland Security website.  Please know that there is no need for panic in a blackout if you have done some pre-planning.  You do have the ability to keep your family cozy and safe in these stressful times.

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Linda Campbell
Marketing Manager for The Campbell Team