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A Green Roof!

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Our country and the world in general have now committed to ‘green living’ … to find ways in our everyday lives to diminish our carbon footprint yet enjoy the comforts and time-saving devices we’ve all come to know and depend upon.  A BIG change which is catching hold now are solar panel shingles!

Solar shingles are a made from a durable roofing material which combine the benefits of solar power with reliability and protection from the elements as  a traditional ashphalt or metal shingle.  Many solar power shingle manufacturers are able to provide you with a single product that will take care of protecting your roof and generating solar power.

Gone are the days when you have only those gigantic glass solar panels on rooves or in fields.  Solar power shingles come in many different styles, colors and  are aesthetically pleasing, blending in to any exterior house design.   They also can be combined with conventional asphalt shingles.  It is said they are easy to install too AND with the government incentives to ‘go green’, you may even qualify for a tax incentive.

A simple search of the web will show you that there are a number of manufacturers of these panels and can be purchased right here in Canada.  In my research, I found an excellent (unbiased) website The Balance,  that has a wealth of information on the types, use and installation ….. a very informative article on the pros and cons of using this new roofing material.

Solar shingles will generate energy that you can use either grid-tied or off the  grid.  This power inverter converts direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC) for home use.

As with anything new on the market, you can be sure that this is not cheap and your own due-digillence to educate yourself on the pros and cons of this cutting edge technology is necessary.

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