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Some Pitfalls for Buyers to AVOID!

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As I am from the East Coast, my husband and I have been searching real estate there to find a suitable retreat that will meet our needs and those of our family.  Even though we work in the real estate industry,  it still can be an emotional roller coaster as there is much to consider as a Buyer with pitfalls any of us can blunder into if we don’t do the required homework as we consider our needs and location!

1.  We are blessed to have grand childern so are hoping to purchase in an area close to family with local parks and places for them to play.  If you have children, you also should be considering these things as well as day care potential, the school catchment area your child will be attending, recreational facilities … just to name a few.

2) Even though this is a 2nd property for us, there are “must haves” we feel we want/need; features that are absolutely necessary.  It’s very easy to get caught up in the curb appeal but for your purchase, you should walk away if it doesn’t have that 2nd bathroom or 3rd bedroom, for example. If these or other things are “must haves’ for you, then be sure they are part of your new purchase.

3)  Our East Coast purchase will be a vacation retreat and although there are beautiful properties we’ve already looked at, we are trying not to get caught up in features we actually don’t need or that push up the price point.  We have a budget and plan to stick to it!  You really need to have that mindset too!

4)  It’s always about location, location, location!  Make sure you are close to amenities you use frequently whether it be the bus system, shopping, school, rec facility.   And look to the future too!  Are you purchasing in an area that is growing and very ‘saleable’ should you decide to move again in the future??

5)  The home inspection is an extra expense but something that should never be skipped.  Just because the home looks solid does not mean that it is.  For your own protenction, make sure your offer is conditional upon a home inspection ….. we sure will!

6)  As Buyers, we are not in a hurry and have done our research so now we can act quickly when the right property comes along.  It is so important to  ALWAYS  do your research ahead of time.  Know what you must have to meet your (and your family’s) needs and how much you can afford.  Also, in this fast moving real estate market, you don’t want that property to be gone by the time you finally make up your mind.  Get prepared ahead of time.

7)  Although Scott has been a Broker for over 32 years, we would never purchase a property without using a local Realtor.  A quality Realtor knows the areas well, does a lot of ‘leg work’ for you,  and can educate you to the ‘less savory’ places to purchase, can negotiate the offer in your best interest and explain the conditions to help ensure you have a positive experience.

How exciting it is to live and play right here in the Southern Georgian Bay!  As life-long residents of Wasaga Beach and their 30+ year tenure in selling real estate in our area, Chad and Scott are so familiar with this beautiful area as well as with the brisk and ever-changing real estate market.  Proud to be the top two Realtors in the four Royal LePage Trinity Realty brokerages, these Brokers would be honored to be your local real estate market specialists who can best assit you with YOUR specific real estate needs.  Please contact them at any time as they both answer their calls and emails promptly and are committed to get back to you in a timely fashion.  Contact information    705-443-9444     705-446-6602

The  Campbell  Team  would feel honored and privileged to help make your real estate dreams come true.

Linda Campbell
Marketing Manager for The  Campbell  Team