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Why is a Home Inspection Necessary?!

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As Chad and Scott prepare offers each day and work with our Sellers and Buyers, both are adamant about the importance to have a Home Inspection as one of the “conditions of purchase and sale”; sometimes even for new builds.  But what exactly is a home inspection and why is it so important??

As a Buyer, a home inspection clause when purchasing a property helps you to determine if you will need unforeseen repairs/maintenance before you actually firm up your offer; things that may need attention right away and some that are not “deal breakers” but need to be addressed in the future.  For a Seller, it lessens the likelihood of any surprises that could scuttle your home sale.

But both Buyer and Seller might wonder if a home inspection is worth the cost?  In our area, a Home Inspector usually charges about $400 (and this may not include a WETT inspection).   Ask the price before the inspection.  Especially if you are a Buyer, compare this modest price to the potentially high price tag of a major issue discovered AFTER you have purchased (foundation, furnace, roof, plumbing or electrical issues for example). A Home Inspection done before a Seller has a “For Sale” sign on the lawn allows them to address any issues that could disappointingly scuttle the sale of the property.

The Home Inspector is working for you (the Buyer OR Seller who hired him/her). Be present during the home inspection and ask questions. The Home Inspector’s visual examination of the home includes the exterior, roof, shingles, grading of the property, stone/brick-work, foundations, proper ventilation, electrical (panel, lights, plugs, fans and also appliances if they are part of the deal), basic plumbing (that all fixtures are working properly),  checking for mould, furnace/heating/cooling system check, fire hazards & safety issues (eg: railings on stairs) …. to name a few things checked.  Things not checked are pest issues, radon gas, wood burning devices (you need a WETT inspection to do that).  It should be noted that the Home Inspector does not cut open walls, go behind the electrical panel, does not check that there were permits taken out for work done, cut into pipes or does not take the snow off a roof to be able to view the shingles.  His/her inspection is what he/she can visually see.

Remember, there will always be some issues found in a Home Inspection; even a new build can have issues.  The Seller will not always fix problems brought to light but we find, for the most part, both Buyers and Sellers are pretty reasonable and try to work for amicable resolutions when problems are found.  The Home Inspection does give the Buyer a chance to cost-out the work and materials necessary to solve issues, or even sometimes re-negotiate the deal on larger issues … before firming up a sale.  No one likes surprises so be proactive and always include a Home Inspection in your agreement.

As life-long residents, Chad and Scott are so familiar with this area as well as our brisk market.  They would be honored to be your local market specialist and can best assist you with your specific needs. Contact them – Chad (705-443-9444 or    or  Scott (705-446 -6602 .  The Campbell Team would feel privileged to help make your Wasaga Dream come true.

Linda Campbell
Marketing Manager for The Campbell Team