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Trash to Treasure!

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This is the time of year when on the weekends, no matter where you live, the Yard Sale signs pop up in every subdivision.  And why not!  What may be your ‘junk’ will surely be someone else’s ‘treasure’ and putting a little jingle in your own pocket is always a good thing any time of year!!! Those Yard Sales are so social too; a wonderfully friendly way to spend a Saturday or Sunday.  When folks are downsizing or under the pressure of moving, at a local Yard Sale it’s amazing what deals you can get for such beautiful things.

Now, there are many folks who just want to get rid of their unwanted items and be done with it with no time or desire for a Yard or Garage Sale.  If that is you, then there are many local places who will take these unwanted items and recycle them for you.   Every town has a second-hand store and also consignment shops.  Our personal favorite place for unwanted items is Habitat for Humanity South Georgian Bay’s  Habitat ReStore.  You can donate household items and building materials right online and these folks ‘pick up’!   And by the way … did you know that Habitat for Humanity South Georgian Bay is building two homes in Collingwood in 2017!!   ALL of  the proceeds from The Habitat ReStore cover Habitat for Humanity South Georgian Bay costs. Location of The ReStore is 155 Sanford Fleming Dr., Collingwood   Phone:   705-446-9740

And repurposing those old items is not only a great idea but a money saver too! Upcycling is a popular trend where those existing items that would normally be put out on garbage day can be transformed into something beautiful and functional. Take a look at  DIY & Crafts which is a wonderful site with so many great ideas for repurposing unwanted items. Pintrest DIY is another great site with a gazoodle of ideas for repurposing.   Let me give you a few examples of items that we’ve seen in homes over the years:-

  • An old ladder can be turned in to a shelf or  perhaps a quilt/blanket rack
  • An old door can be repurposed into a headboard and putting a couple old doors together will create a room divider
  • Take an old painting you love and add some handles (you can get those at the ReStore for pennies) and now you have a functional serving tray.  I also add a piece of glass …. makes it very easy to clean.
  • An old window screen is great hung in a walk-in closet to hold earings and other pieces of jewelry
  • An old dry-sink can make a great liquor cabinet, bed side table or display area for your own special craft
  • Old apple boxes painted bright colors are awesome for holding children’s toys, a side table in a bedroom
  • Old milk bottles make great vases, old dishes turn into lovely plant pots

These are but a few examples but you are only limited by your imagination …. or just go straight to the internet!!!  If you have a piece/item, whatever it is, that you would like to upcycle, just start typing!  A wonderful new use is waiting to be discovered by you and only a click away.  That’s a money saver too and one less thing in our landfill sites!!!

If  YOU are thinking of calling this beautiful area home or perhaps want to have your own vacation retreat in Wasaga Beach?  Our Brokers, Scott (705-446-6602  or Chad (705-443-9444 or  the Campbell Team would feel privileged to help make your Wasaga Dream come true.  Contact us today!

Linda Campbell
Marketing Manager for The Campbell Team