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The NEW way to play “Hide ‘n Seek” !

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As children, remember all the fun of playing “hide ‘n seek”.  Well you are all grown up now and the game has become even better; a fun-filled, challenging game with a twist that the whole family can enjoy.

Hide ‘n Seek is now high tech and is called Geocaching!  Wikipedia defines “Geocaching as outdoor recreational activity, in which participants use a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver or mobile device and other navigational techniques to hide and seek containers, called “geocaches” or “caches”, at specific locations marked by coordinates all over the world.  A typical cache is a small waterproff container containing a logbook and sometimes a pen or pencil. The geocacher enters the date they found it and signs it with their established code name, in order to prove that they found it. After signing the log, the cache must be placed back exactly where the person found it. Larger containers such as plastic storage containers (Tupperware or similar) or ammunition boxes can also contain items for trading, such as toys or trinkets, usually of more sentimental worth than financial.[2] “

We have so many wonderful areas and trails to hike and explore so why not combine your adventure in the outdoors with this fun-filled recreational activity; a game to be enjoyed by family and friends at any time of the year. Of course, there are some rules and regulations that need to be followed including:

  • 1) when you find the cache and then take an item from it, you must be sure to leave something of equal/greater value
  • 2) sign the log book
  • 3) the cache now has to be hidden again, exactly the way you found it
  • 4) log your visit and find on com

So, how do you get into this game?? Click here to view the Ontario Trails geocaching page with a plethora of information and ideas on this fun-filled activity. And, if you know of a great trail that is not already on their map, this interactive site allows you to add that (will take you about 6 minutes).  Another great website to help educate you on geocaching in our area is the (Georgian Bay) Ontario Geocaching Association.

Geocaching is a fantastic way to discover the quintessential winderness that exists here in the Southern Georgian Bay. When doing my research, I was blown away at how quickly and widespread this exciting new activity is catching on.  Another example ….. according to, near the docks of Parry Sound there are over 250 geocaches in a 5 mile radius.  WOW !

So, what are you waiting for!!?!!   For your convenience, you can download the free app here:

How exciting it is to live and play in the Southern Georgian Bay!  As life-long residents, Chad and Scott are  so familiar with this area as well as our brisk market.  They would be honored to be your local market specialist and can best assist you with your specific needs. Contact them – Chad (705-443-9444 or    or  Scott (705-446-6602 .  The Campbell Team would feel privileged to help make your Wasaga Dream come true.

Linda Campbell
Marketing Manager for The Campbell Team