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The Excitement & Challenges of “Moving”!

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With the days getting longer and warmer, we are experiencing a serge of potential Buyers trying to find their own special place here in Wasaga Beach.  This exodus from the GTA and many other areas (now when folks can view properties without slogging through waist-high snow) reminds us of our beautiful song birds returning after their winter hiatus in the south.   Are you thinking of selling; marketing to those hopefuls  heading to our beautiful Wasaga Beach area!?  Well if you are, there are some simple steps to follow to put your property’s “best face” on display!

Once you have made up your mind to sell, we find most folks do not want their home to linger on the market for many weeks and of course, top dollar is the goal.  Part of my role in The Campbell Team is as photographer as well as Webmaster.  As they prepare to sell, many clients have leaned on our expertise and experience to cite ways to promote their property in the best light to potential Buyers.  Over the years we have learned that thoughtful staging, excellent photos and video to promote your property is key to lots of showings and even multiple offers.

We thought you might be interested in the real estate appraiser’s top 10 renovation projects with average potential payback (Source: Appraisal Institute of Canada)

Painting and décor, interior             73%
Kitchen renovation                       72%
Bathroom renovation                      68%
Flooring upgrades                        62%
Window/door replacement                57%
Main floor family room addition        51%
Fireplace addition                       50%
Basement renovation                      49%
Furnace/heating system replace        48%

Sometimes it is hard to simply ‘get started’.  Give me a call (Linda direct at 705-446-6535) and I will be happy to come help you stage your home and prepare it for sale.  Chad (705-423-9444) or Scott (705-446-6602) offer free market evaluations.  Let’s get an up-to-date comparison of your property to others that are either on the market or recently sold.  If you need information (or a Realtor) in a non-Georgian Bay area where you will be moving, we can provide that to you also; no matter which area or province you choose.

But, to be SURE, there are so many positive things that you can do  yourself  that make a BIG difference in the way your home shows and really the only cost is your own ‘sweat equity’.   Remember, your mind is made-up to sell and you are preparing to move, so the examples I am giving you below will need to be done anyway.  Help your home look and show better by doing them before that first showing.  Some examples may include ..

  • DECLUTTER: Walk through your home with a critical eye, making sure each room looks and feels as large as possible. Remove completely items that are just being ‘stored’. That could be anything from items that you “just put there for now” to pieces of furniture, toys, exercise equipment etc. that you do not use or perhaps are not even going to move with you. Choosing a way that works for you, you need to get rid of these things completely … out of sight, out of mind!! This also may include removing personal/family pictures and mementos. If needed, you may want to rent a storage unit.
  • CLEAN and clean some more!!! ……… floors, baseboards, glass, carpeting, the fronts of cupboards, appliances and fixtures, clear off countertops.  Closets and cupboards need to be organized too as potential Buyers tend to look everywhere.  Make your home sparkle!!
  • PETS: especially over this past 10 years or so, we’ve learned that so many people have allergies; and some quite severe. In fact, we’ve had many potential Buyers who will not even go past the front door if they can ‘smell’ pet odors or cigarette smoke. As a Seller, you must be mindful of this fact. To freshen up soft surfaces, use fabric fresheners (such as Fabreeze) where your pet likes to lay, chair seats, curtains, etc. Ideally, pets should be removed from the home during showings.
  • PAINT:   Paint is relatively inexpensive and can make such a difference in the way your home shows. Choose low odor, neutral shades that could go with many decors.
  • WINDOWS & DOORS: Make sure the hardware is tight, working well and that there are no cracks, leaks, trim or weather stripping that needs replacing
  • SMOKING:   There is never a time when you should smoke indoors as that smell takes so long to remove this scent completely. Again you must be mindful that so many people have severe allergies and react to this odor; even if you cannot smell it yourself.
  • OUTDOORS:  It’s all about curb appeal and getting those potential Buyers through your door! Make sure the lawns, shrubbery and gardens are mowed, trimmed and always kept in good condition. Walkways and driveways should be kept ploughed and shoveled in winter. Tools and other debris(mowers, shovels, leftover building/reno materials, etc) should always be put away.

Are you thinking of calling this  vibrant area home or want to have your own vacation retreat in Wasaga Beach or other area of this beautiful Georgian Triangle??  Our Brokers – Chad (705-443-9444) or Scott (705-446-6602) would feel privileged to help make your Wasaga dream come true!

Linda Campbell

Marketing Manager for The Campbell Team