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Safety on the Beach!

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School’s out and vacation time finally here!!!!  Oh how wonderful it is to head to Beach Area 1 to take in all the sights, sounds, smells and yes, have a refreshing dip in that beautifully warm azure water.  Playing and swimming in any of our beach areas is heavenly.  How blessed we are to live and play on the many miles of this gorgeous beach.  But nothing should ever be taken for granted so be aware of your surroundings at all times and come prepared not only for fun and sun, but safety.

Make sure everyone has applied their sunscreen and keep reapplying as you go in and out of the water.  The rays of the sun are very strong and a sunburn can not only ruin your day but can actually make you very sick indeed.

Respect for the other children and adults enjoying our beach can never be over stated.

When enjoying a swim in the bay there are a number of safety tips that both adults and children need to adhere to.  EVERYONE needs to know how to tread water and float.  It’s easy to slip and fall, find yourself under water and for most folks …. PANIC!!!   Just a few basic lessons will help adults and children alike feel more confident but more importantly, stay safe.  Be sure you are aware of where the life guards are and of the swimming/water conditions for the day.

Children must be taught that swimming on the beach with its water temperature changes, wind, waves and many people/strangers, is certainly not the same as swimming in the confines of a pool.  People need to be aware that the lake bottom can be uneven and there can be strong currents and undertow by the Notawasaga River.

Those plastic floaty toys can be fun but are easily swept away by a wind gust.  Keep a keen eye on your children when using these items.  It only takes mere moments to be blown far from shore and find yourself (or your child) in a very dangerous situation.  For safety purposes, be sure to keep PFDs (personal flotation devices) on all of the non-swimmers!!

It’s never smart to head right into the water after eating.  Give yourself about ½ hour to digest as to avoid cramping or other digestive issues when you are over-your-head in water.

Swimmers must be aware of the boats and other water craft as they come close to shore to either anchor or  just motor  on by.  Stay back and away from these craft as even a small wake can pull you in.

Alcohol or drugs and water really do not mix very well and have no place on our beaches.  Many tragedies have occurred here due to impairment.

Though very important, swimming skills are not the only thing necessary to be safe on the water.  Knowing basic emergency skills is very important in the event you are confronted with an impending tragedy.  As an adult, LEARN the basics!  Take a look at the Canadian Red Cross site for very practical and life-saving water safety tips.

As life-long residents, Chad and Scott are  so familiar with this area as well as our brisk market.  They would be honored to be your local market specialist and can best assist you with your specific needs. Contact them – Chad (705-423-9444 or    or  Scott (705-446-6602 .  The Campbell Team would feel privileged to help make your Wasaga Dream come true.

Linda Campbell
Marketing Manager for The Campbell Team