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Education is key when buying or selling a property!

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We are in a sizzling hot market with many properties selling soon after they have been launched on the national MLS system. It’s all about those rock-bottom interest rates as well as “supply and demand” ! Are you thinking about jumping into the market? You need a highly skilled Realtor who knows our area, understands this ever-changing market as well as an excellent negotiator representing you; working for YOUR best interests. Your best asset to assist you in navigating this fast-paced market will be to have Chad, Scott and their entire Team working for YOU.

YOU have lots of homework that you must do before you start to wear out your shoes on the home-hunt.  The first thing on your list is pre-approval!  This will help tremendously as you only look at properties you can afford and when you are ready to make an offer, you can bid with confidence. Of course, Scott or Chad will have done their homework, providing you with a list of recent property comparables in your price range, of what has been recently listed in the area, how long those properties took to sell and for how much.

Exact location will be a little easier for you if you are from our beautiful area as perhaps you will have already narrowed down the subdivision, street or area of Wasaga Beach where you might like your property to be.  If you are just moving to our area, please click on The Town of Wasaga Beach website which will help to give you an overview of our beautiful Wasaga Beach area.  You might want to do a Property Search in your specfic price range to see what is on the market at this specfic moment in time.

When you find those perfect properties that you believe will suite the needs of you and your family, you should  always pose the question as to ‘why’ the Sellers are moving (and how long have they lived there)?

As you walk a property, you should check to see if the foundation looks solid with no sign of leaking, check the roof – not only by ‘looking’ but by asking how old the shingles are, what the home is clad with (siding, brick, stucco, stone) and is the exterior in good shape (including any additions)?  Is there a ‘slope’ to the property with water draining away from the structures.  Are there eves-trough on the home?  If there is no snow, how do the lawns and shrubbery look?  Are there signs of garden/lawn pests??

When inside the home, basic things you need to check/ask are:-

  • – how much are the taxes? Are there any development fees outstanding?
  • – the electrical panel,  the wiring
  • – what type of plumbing was used (copper, plastic)
  • – check the windows – is there moisture? how old are they?
  • – the insulation (how much)?
  • – if there are any odors or signs of dampness (especially in the basement)
  • – ask if the foundation, in the past, has every been compromised by leaks?
  • – have there been renos done and were permits obtained for these renovations?
  • – is the furnace and water heater owned or are they rented? How old are they?
  • – if the home is freshly painted, be sure nothing is being covered up by this (eg: water damage, fire damage)
  • – what are the yearly utility bills?
  • – do the floors slope and what type of flooring was used (carpet, hardwood, ceramic, etc)?  Make sure nothing is literally being ‘covered up’.

When you have made your final decision and are tendering an offer, ALWAYS be sure to include a Home Inspection in your conditions.

The above list is just an overview and never be afraid to ask further and in-depth questions.  If you have a concern, ask even more questions!!!  EVERY question you have is relevant and if Chad or Scott do not have the answer, they WILL find the answer for you.

Are YOU thinking of calling this beautiful area home or perhaps want to have your own vacation retreat in Wasaga Beach?  Our Brokers, Scott (705-446-6602  or  Chad ((705-443-9444 would feel privileged to help make your Wasaga Dream a reality.  Contact us today

Linda Campbell

Marketing Manager for The Campbell Team