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The Foundation IS The Most Important Part of Your House!

Over your lifetime, you probably remember teachers and those in the know underscoring the importance of a 'good foundation'.  Well truer words were never spoken whether that foundation is in education, a new sport you are learning, and most DEFINITELY in the foundation of a house or structure!

Problems with the foundation of a home are serious indeed and completely affect the rest of that structure.  A Buyer will notice this right away and if they don't, their Home Inspector surely will.  

If you notice anything that looks suspicious (like cracks or bowing) you need to call a qualified inspector to do a thorough examination of your foundation.   This professional can acurately tell you how serious the problem is and how to correct it, and the cost factor too.

There are things to look for that indicate you may have foundation issues.  These include doors/windows that are hard to shut/open, uneven floors, and you may see diagonal cracks on the corners of doors and windows and on walls too.  But please also note, homes may also have some cracks and defects WITHOUT having any problem with the foundation; just totally cosmetic.

You may be asking why this happens!! The foundation cracks are actually caused by hydrostatic pressure; water that soaks into the soil and lays around the exterior foundation/base  of the structure.  This water comes from the rain gutters, poor grading of your lawn, puddling; all of which puts pressure on the foundation of the house, which then actual sinks.  This water pressure causes the concrete to crack which makes the house sink even more.  Hydrostatic pressure is more acute in the spring and fall, when typically, we have more percipatation.  

If you are sellling a home where you know there is a foundation problem, you would be well advised to get it fixed before a For Sale sign goes up.  At the very least, make sure you have a couple of quotes available for your Realtor so that the new Buyers will know the appriximate cost to fix this important issue.  Over the years, we have seen many deals completly squashed due to ongoing issues with the foundation of the home.

So be proactive!  Be sure that your rain gutters drain well away from the foundation of your home.  Modestly priced, you can purchase piping and rain diversion apparatus at your local hardware store to help with this.  There is one called Rain Drain that uncoils as it diverts the water away from your foundation and when the rain is over, it coils back up!  Ingenous!!!

If you notice that the ground is settling around your foundation and water tends to lay next to your home, get some fill and bring the soil up to ground level (or a little higher is even better).  Don't shovel snow next to the foundation of your house because when it melts, there is only one place for it to go .... straight down your foundation.

How exciting it is to live and play right here in the Southern Georgian Bay!  As life-long residents of Wasaga Beach and their 30+ year tenure in selling real estate in our area, Chad and Scott are so familiar with this beautiful area as well as with the brisk and ever-changing real estate market.  Proud to be the top two Realtors in the four Royal LePage Trinity Realty brokerages, these Brokers would be honored to be your local real estate market specialists who can best assit you with YOUR specific real estate needs.  Please contact them at any time as they both answer their calls and emails promptly and are committed to get back to you in a timely fashion.  Contact information    705-443-9444     705-446-6602

The  Campbell  Team  would feel honored and priviledged to help make your real estate dreams come true.


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