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Spring into Action!!

Although we're enduring a cold springtime, I have noted that the birds are singing again, patches of green grass and some crocuses are pusing through, and those piles of snow are withering smaller and smaller; now only seen under a few trees or at the top of the mountain.  Yes indeed, this is a time of renewal;  for out with the old and in with the new!


It's time to shake off those cold, grey and dreary days and start the de-cluttering and cleaning.  A lot of folks have allergies in the springtime and you will find a few minutes with your vacuum cleaner can make a big difference in your watery eyes and sneezing this time of year. It will not only lift your spirits but you'll enjoy your summer a whole lot more too.  So, fling open the windows and follow these few simple tips.  

1.  Check your medicine cabinet for old or expired drugs and perscriptions and take these unwanted items back to the pharmacy for disposal (do not just throw in the garbage to go to the landfill).  It's a good time to check "best before" dates on food items too and get rid of those things that have expired.

2.  Thoroughly vacuum your mattresses and under the bed.  Launder any dust ruffles or soft, decorative items which have been collecting dust and mites over the winter months.  

3.  Touch up any paint chip spots that have occured on your walls (I always keep a little matching paint in small bottles so this chore is easy and keeps rooms looking just painted fresh)

4. With soap and water, wash all the accumulated dust and dirt from your baseboards and light switches.  If you have time, drop the hose of your vaccuum down the ducts of your heating system.  You'd be surprised and how much dust is accumulated there ... again, this debris being blown through your house and causing allergies.

5.   Wash around your front and back door area; the windows, the door itself as well as any mats.  These hold so much dirt from tracking in and out throughout the winter months; not just by us but by our pets also.

6.  Now is the time for a thorough cleaning of your blinds and fans. Use a soft cloth on both with a mild disinfectant soap to clean away both dirt and germs.  If you do not smoke in your home, simply vaccuum your drapes and curtains, again, riding yourself of the dust that causes allergies.

7.  Walls can easily be wiped down with a soft cloth or an extension mop, which can reach and clean right up to the ceiling.

8. As you are getting out your spring & summer clothes, bag up those unwanted winter items (coats, boats, hats, sweaters, etc) so you have them ready to donate the next time Goodwill calls you.  It's win/win ... you are helping yourself and others!!

9. Make sure you have changed all of the batteries in both your smoke and carbon monoxide dectors

No one keeps house exactly the same way but this basic list will give any home that spring fresh feel.  Don't become overwhelemed, but just concentrate on one room at a time.  Start simply by making yourself a 'to do' list and you'll be done in no time!

How exciting it is to live and play right here in the Southern Georgian Bay!  As life-long residents of Wasaga Beach and their 30+ year tenure in selling real estate in our area, Chad and Scott are so familiar with this beautiful area as well as with the brisk and ever-changing real estate market.  Proud to be the top two Realtors in the four Royal LePage Trinity Realty brokerages, these Brokers would be honored to be your local real estate market specialists who can best assit you with YOUR specific real estate needs.  Please contact them at any time as they both answer their calls and emails promptly and are committed to get back to you in a timely fashion.  Contact information    705-443-9444     705-446-6602

The  Campbell  Team  would feel honored and priviledged to help make your real estate dreams come true.


               Linda Campbell
Marketing Manager for The  Campbell  Team    

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