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Liar, liar ...........

Nowadays, deception seems to be all around us and as we journey through our days,  it's getting harder and harder to discern truth from fiction!  We're blessed daily to deal with so many honerable people but have noticed a few tell-tale signs to watch for during conversations which may indicate deciet.

Experts tell us that one of the most effective ways to determine if someone is trying to deceive us is to examine their body language and voices; subtle gesters for sure.  Are any of these suggestions  below 100% accurate?  Of course not as every person is different but generally speaking, you will find a whole lot of truth in the points below:

1) First, there are no areas of the body (eyes, hands etc.) that can give you 100% accuracy that a person is lying.  But, psychologists have found that many folks who will not look at you directly, may be prefabricating the story they are telling you.  So during coversation, note if they will "look you in the eye".

2) As you ask questions, do they try to change the subject? For the liar, it is hard to keep their story straight if you challenge them to add more details to their lies.  Quickly ask rapid-fire questions about the subject you are discussing and see if they hesitate on the reply or if their answers add up or, see if they try to completely get you off the subject.

3) Focus on the sound of their voice.  Does their timbre change as they discuss the subject?  Due to tension, do they hesitate/stutter in their answers or mispronounce words?  

4) Do they rub their face or cover their mouth with their hand(s) while speaking?  Do they fold their arms tightly or put their hands in their pocket?  Do they seem totally relaxed as they speak to you with palms up? 

5) Seldom do your ideas match 100% to some one elses.  Ask yourself during your discussions, are you being told "exactly what YOU want to hear" ?

6) ....... and as my dear old Mom used to tell me, we have one mouth and two ears.  Really  LISTEN twice as much as you talk! ! !

In preparing my research for this blog, I found a very insightful Reader's Digest article that certainly reinforced for me some excellent tips on discerning if someone is lying to you?  It's well worth the read and also tells you what to look for in the written word (letters, emails, texts, etc.)

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