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Let's play a game!!!

More than ever, our children seem to be glued to their devices today and we’ve all heard how young people in North America are more inactive (and over weight) now, than at any other time.  Physical activity is important 365 days a year  but especially this beautiful time of year,  we need to be out and moving our bodies …. all of us! Children may need encouragement to get moving so we are sharing with you a list of activities that are not only fun, but good for the waistline too!

People, young and old alike, come in many different age groups. All of these suggestions would not work for every age group so pick and choose.  Of course, most games now can be purchased in a 'box' but remember .......all you really need is your immagination and some time.... not a lot of money at all.


1)  Hide ‘n Seek - yes, this tried and true game keeps everyone moving, laughing and sharing time together.  Can be played both indoors and outdoors too!

2)  Water Balloon’s are a hoot!  You can even have spoon races with them too!  Head to your local dollar store and purchase the balloons and enjoy the giggles and fun as you fill ‘em up!  Balloon fights are fun but even more fun is to get some spoons from that same dollar store, and away you go.  Too much fun!

3)  How about making your own game of Twister.  This is so inexpensive.  Scrap cardboard pieces will work for the board and let your wee ones do the artwork.

4)  Put up a swing … you can even use the old fashioned tire idea. You just need a tree and some rope to have a swinging good time.

5)  Red-light/Green-light  --- yes that old game was lots of fun and still is. If you can count, you can play … no matter what your age!  Click here to remind yourself of how to play!

6)  Frisbee --- this is a game where you will really raise your heartrate and the gales of laughter too!  An inexpensive Frisbee come in different sizes and can also be purchased at your local dollar store.

7)  Baseball, soccer or any of these ‘ball’ type games can be played together in your own yard

8)  Marbles …. again, purchased right at your local dollar store. The more colorful, the better. Share your knowledge and show the young-un’s how to play ‘alleys’.  Click here for the basic rules.

9)  Skipping comes in many forms and can be played either alone or with others (remember double dutch)!

10) Hope Scotch -  All you need is a piece of chaulk.  If you don't remember the rules, just click here.

These are just a few suggestions.  The idea is to keep moving and have fun!  You probably remember many of these games from your childhood.  Share and enjoy with your children and grandchilden while keeping fit at the same time.


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