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Let's play a game!!!

More than ever, our children seem to be glued to their devices today and we’ve all heard how young people in North America are more inactive (and over weight) now, than at any other time.  Physical activity is important 365 days a year  but especially this beautiful time of year,  we need to be out and moving our bodies …. all of us! Children may need encouragement to get moving so we are sharing with you a list of activities that are not only fun, but good for the waistline too!

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High Efficiency Washing Machines

As crazy as it sounds, I really don’t mind doing laundry …I  kinda like it really.  So, when we upgraded to a front load washer, I had so many questions to be sure our clothes would be getting the care they needed so they would continue to look their very best.

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Summer Safety

It's almost here!  We've been waiting for this July 1st weekend for so long and now, with it  right around the corner, we wanted to share with you some safety tips as you strive to have the best summer holiday ever!
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The Listing Process

On many occasions, folks have asked us "Exactly what is the process when we list our property with The Campbell Team?"  Below, we have outlined the Listing Process for your purusal; helpful we hope as you continue to educate yourself on the process of listing your property 'for sale' !   Click for slideshow...

Home Office Planning

In this 21st century, it is becoming the norm for many folks to have a home office, with many industries affording the opportunity for their personnel to ply their trade from home. My office is in our home and as positive as this experience usually is, there are/were also challenges which needed to be addressed.
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Liar, liar ...........

Nowadays, deception seems to be all around us and as we journey through our days,  it's getting harder and harder to discern truth from fiction!  We're blessed daily to deal with so many honerable people but have noticed a few tell-tale signs to watch for during conversations which may indicate deciet.

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The Gutter Truth!

As we journey through this wet and dreary 2018 spring season, the integrity of our home’s foundation in the rain soaked soil is always a concern.  How important it is to have the proper rain gutters on your home as well as appropriate drainage away from the dwelling.

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Spring into Action!!

Although we're enduring a cold springtime, I have noted that the birds are singing again, patches of green grass and some crocuses are pusing through, and those piles of snow are withering smaller and smaller; now only seen under a few trees or at the top of the mountain.  Yes indeed, this is a time of renewal;  for out with the old and in with the new!

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The Foundation IS The Most Important Part of Your House!

Over your lifetime, you probably remember teachers and those in the know underscoring the importance of a 'good foundation'.  Well truer words were never spoken whether that foundation is in education, a new sport you are learning, and most DEFINITELY in the foundation of a house or structure!

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Vacation OR Staycation!!!!

Although going on a vacation can surely be lots of fun as well as evoking heady excitment  to be retreating for awhile from the cold and snow, one must also admit that sometimes going away on a holiday is more trouble than it is worth too.  Consider the following.
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