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Survival De-Stressing for the Holidays

As we zoom in on Christmas week (and day!) most of us get so stressed out with all the extra demands on our time and resources that sometimes there is NO joy in this joyous time. But, we've found that with a little extra planning, you'll have more of a chance to relax and enjoy yourself!  Below we are sharing a few tips to help releive that holiday stress!

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The Facts Of (Real Estate) Life

It is perhaps the greatest story every NOT told to home sellers, which accounts in a large measure to the thickness of most MLS books, the frustration level of most owners therein and the popularity of antacids amongst real estate practitioners.  

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The Art of being a Landlord

Have you ever thought of becoming a Landlord??  There is lots to consider if you are thinking about repurposing your home (principal residence) or purchasing a rental property. Click for slideshow...

Acquiring the 'Down Payment'

With the changes in the rules for ‘down payment’ for your mortgage,  saving 20% for a down payment can seem daunting indeed.  As with most purchases in your life, you can make things more manageable for yourself by creating a budget.  Once you’ve properly structured your finances and can see your plan and progress on paper, you will be more likely to stick to your goals and less likely to overspend. Click for slideshow...

The NEW way to play "Hide 'n Seek" !

As children, remember all the fun of playing “hide ‘n seek”.  Well you are all grown up now and the game has become even better; a fun-filled, challenging game with a twist that the whole family can enjoy.   Click for slideshow...

Gardening Winter Prep Tips!

We are blessed in the Georgian Bay to enjoy wonderful fall weather boasting warm days, crisp evenings and beautiful colors of the season wherever we cast our eye. I would challenge that this year our September was drier and sunnier/warmer than our summer months, which was welcomed indeed!!!  But, unfortunately, we all know that before long we will be blanketed again in snow.  It is now that you must start to prepare for those cold winter months ahead. We need to protect and assure that our lawns and gardens have had that winterizing attention necessary to be guaranteed of that returning beauty for the spring-time season.  Here are a few helpful tips that have been shared with us which will help to protect and preserve your lovely plants, lawns and shrubbery.

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Yes. Canada's Residential real estate market IS moderating!

Sharing with you below is information according to the Royal LePage House Price Survey* and Market Survey Forecast, Canada’s residential real estate market posted strong home price gains in the second quarter of 2017, with the majority of metropolitan markets across Canada displaying expansionary trends.

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Why is a Home Inspection Necessary?!

As Chad and Scott prepare offers each day and work with our Sellers and Buyers, both are adamant about the importance to have a Home Inspection as one of the “conditions of purchase and sale”; sometimes even for new builds.  But what exactly is a home inspection and why is it so important??

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How to Pay Your Mortgage FASTER ! !

Owning your home can see like some distant dream that may never be attained, especially if you are young and just getting into the real estate game.  But if you break down this payment-burden, you are going to pleasantly find that this goal is very attainable; and much sooner than you may think.  As with most things in life … you need a plan and there IS a strategy that will pay off your mortgage way sooner than those traditional “once a month” payments.  Even better, this strategy is going to save you thousands of dollars and it is perfectly legal!!  If an accelerated bi-weekly mortgage is a plan that you would like to try,  then please read on!!! 

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The Woes of Identity Theft

When I received a phone call the other day from someone claiming to be from the Canadian Revenue Service and telling me that I was going to be arrested for tax evasion, it shook me up for a few minutes!!  Then stopping for a moment to really think about it, I knew it must be a scam.  I called the police and indeed, it was/is a scam, facilitated offshore and very hard for the police to track, let alone prosecute.  

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