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The Gutter Truth!

As we journey through this wet and dreary 2018 spring season, the integrity of our home’s foundation in the rain soaked soil is always a concern.  How important it is to have the proper rain gutters on your home as well as appropriate drainage away from the dwelling.

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Spring into Action!!

Although we're enduring a cold springtime, I have noted that the birds are singing again, patches of green grass and some crocuses are pusing through, and those piles of snow are withering smaller and smaller; now only seen under a few trees or at the top of the mountain.  Yes indeed, this is a time of renewal;  for out with the old and in with the new!

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The Foundation IS The Most Important Part of Your House!

Over your lifetime, you probably remember teachers and those in the know underscoring the importance of a 'good foundation'.  Well truer words were never spoken whether that foundation is in education, a new sport you are learning, and most DEFINITELY in the foundation of a house or structure!

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Vacation OR Staycation!!!!

Although going on a vacation can surely be lots of fun as well as evoking heady excitment  to be retreating for awhile from the cold and snow, one must also admit that sometimes going away on a holiday is more trouble than it is worth too.  Consider the following.
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Some Pitfalls for Buyers to AVOID!

As I am from the East Coast, my husband and I have been searching real estate there to find a suitable retreat that will meet our needs and those of our family.  Even though we work in the real estate industry,  it still can be an emotional roller coaster as there is much to consider as a Buyer with pitfalls any of us can blunder into if we don't do the required homework as we consider our needs and location!

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A Green Roof!

Our country and the world in general have now committed to 'green living' ... to find ways in our everyday lives to diminish our carbon footprint yet enjoy the comforts and time-saving devices we've all come to know and depend upon.  A BIG change which is catching hold now are solar panel shingles! Click for slideshow...

The Value Of A Water Softener

In the fall, after lots of research and discussion, my husband and I decided to make the leap and have a water softener system installed in our home, and three months later, we are SO glad we did!  We'd heard many positive reasons to use a water softner and reverse osmosis system in our home and have been extremely surprised and pleased at all the added perks we've found since the installation back in the fall.

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Shedding Light in the Darkness

Although our beautiful area on the Georgian Bay can be a very peaceful and calm place, it can also be a frigid, windy snowmagedon!  As the calendar turned to 2018, we've found ourselves in the throws of full-on-winter with frigid temperatures and LOTS of snow, so one must think about the possibility of losing power.  Safety is paramount and a little planning can be your ray of light in the cold darkness.

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Seven Ways to Save On Supplies for your Reno!

A Feng Shui bedroom, a retro bathroom, a cottage kitchen; there's so many creative ways to perk up the look of your home.  But if the costs of your next home reno just aren't adding up for you, it's time to get equally creative with ways to save, and it starts with supplies.  Here are seven tips to help you save on building supplies for your next big project. Click for slideshow...

Survival De-Stressing for the Holidays

As we zoom in on Christmas week (and day!) most of us get so stressed out with all the extra demands on our time and resources that sometimes there is NO joy in this joyous time. But, we've found that with a little extra planning, you'll have more of a chance to relax and enjoy yourself!  Below we are sharing a few tips to help releive that holiday stress!

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